Meet The Band

Flipside Party Band formed way back in 2006.  As a band we've entertained at corporate events for Pepsi Co./Walkers Crisps, Speedo, Cadwell Park Race Track, Crysis Games and charity events for The Star Trust, Cancer Research and The Air Ambulance amongst others.  We’ve also helped countless couples celebrate their weddings and anniversaries, families and friends party for a birthday and played tunes for folk who just want to have a ball!  The testimonials from all of our satisfied customers show how well we’re always received.  But let’s find out about the band members...

Name: Dion

Instrument: Vocalist

Place of Birth: Never Land Ranch

Special Skills: Moon walking

Weapon of Choice: Wireless Microphone

Bad Habit: Moon walking everywhere... watch where you’re going!

Likes: A good sing-a-long


Notes: Dion loves to sing, and he's been doing it since he was very young.  He began his musical career as a solo performer in clubs learning his trade singing all the classic hits.  In 2006 Flipside Party Band formed and now that's where he feels most at home.


Name: Craig

Middle name: David (no, it really is!)

Instrument: Keyboards and vocals

Likes: Dance-offs

Dislikes: Chair-dancers, get up on the dance floor with everyone else!

Employee of the month: At McDonalds... he visits so often they thought he worked there!

Qualifications: B-Tec in unnecessary technology.


Notes: Craig's been playing keyboards since he was only four years old and began performing professionally when he was a teenager. He has specialised in solo performances where he sings and plays and also in solo piano performances, In Flipside Craig is the second vocalist, providing lead vocals on quite a few songs, harmonies throughout every other song and obviously playing his keyboards with their finely tuned sounds.  He is a very busy man!

Name: Edward

Blood Type: IB Funky

Favourite Numbers: 1 & 5

Likes: Swapping instruments every gig.

Dislikes: Treble


Notes: Edward has been playing musical instruments for twenty five years. Originally a drummer and now also playing the bass guitar, Edward has been playing professionally since he was fifteen. He's performed in function bands, various jazz groups, big bands, in musical theatre, orchestras and even in a duo.  There aren't many parties when the sun's up, so Edward takes this opportunity to teach other people to play the drums and guitars, both privately and throughout Lincolnshire schools. Edward especially enjoys funk and jazz.


Name: Steve

Status: Active

Employment history: Once played rhythm guitar for a band with a lead guitarist. He also played lead guitar in a band that already had a rhythm guitar!

Favourite drink: Oooo! A nice cuppa-tea.

Most proud achievement: Untangling his guitar leads in under an hour!

Likes: Solos!

Dislikes: Les Paul... what was he thinking?!


Notes: Steve has been playing the guitar since he was knee high to Brian May and even followed in his footsteps by building his own guitar!  Steve gained his musical qualifications at college and has been gigging ever since.  Past bands include a Booker T and the MGs tribute band and Steve also ran his own 'Free' tribute band.  He is most passionate about the blues and rock music.  Steve is also a guitar teacher and teaches both privately and throughout Lincolnshire schools.

Name: James

Languages: The ancient language of the drum... and some say he can also speak English... some.

Distinctive markings: Small scar on scalp from a stick trick that went horribly wrong!

Education: PhD in Groove

Likes: Rock anthems and his electric fan to keep him cool.

Favourite Numbers : 2 & 4.


Notes: James loves drumming, it's as simple as that.  He also loves rock, which is why his past bands have included bands that perform classic rock hits.  He is a great drummer that can provide dance floor filling grooves all night long.  Dancers love him!